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EV Charger Installation

EV Charger Electrician

Licensed & Professional EV Charging Point Installer for Every Vehicle Brand & Type

Are you looking for a high-quality electrical outlet and Arc Fault GFCI breaker for your electric vehicle? Look no further than the stress-free EV charger setup. The best choice for your Level 2 EV charging. Don’t settle for cheap and unsafe outlets that can damage your EV or cause a fire. Trust the NEMA EV 9450 FR outlet, the outlet that is recommended by Tesla and other EV owners. 123
The NEMA EV 9450 FR outlet has a 50 AMP arc fault installation. Call today and you will get a free estimate and a one-year warranty on the workmanship. Don’t miss this opportunity to get the best outlet for your Level 2 EV charger. 623-237-0146 Call us today and enjoy the convenience and safety of a licensed electrician's installation.

Bryant 9450FR Industrial Grade 50 Amp NEMA   Receptacle

50 Amp 2-Pole Arc Fault GFCI Circuit Breaker

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Screenshot 2023-12-28 173403.png
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